E-Commerce Hosting – Everything you need to know

August 9th, 2014 by

E-Commerce Hosting – Everything You Need To Know

Currently, ecommerce is one of the most thriving business structures available for any business that lacks a large amount of initial startup capital.   If you’ve decide to take advantage of this emerging trend, fret not. Just follow this guide on everything you need to know to set up your online store!

Step 1: Develop the Right Domain Name

This may seem simple enough; all you have to do is select a company name, and turn it into a URL.  However, this is where many virtual companies go wrong.  They tend to come up with names that are complicated or difficult to remember.  Make sure it is something unique, short, and most importantly, memorable!  Search for the availability of domain names.   Next, you should register it with the right web hosting company.

Step 2: Set Up your Website with an Online Store Company

Your Online Store/Web hosting company will provide you with the infrastructure that will help connect all your business to the internet.  The right web hosting company will provide you with domain registry,  custom development of the site,  email accounts,  an affiliate marketing program, and the best website service and maintenance options.  So when out looking for a web hosting company, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • What does website service and maintenance cost
  • How often are they available?
  • Email accounts provided
  • SSL Encryption
  • Regular security auditing
  • Backup options

Step 3: Design An Easy-to-Use Website

It is imperative that the site be simple, and not too cluttered.  Your storefront is what your online store will be judged upon, so design carefully using the right logo, name, introduction about company, product description etc.

Step 4: Make Your E-commerce Store Secure for Customers

With fraud and unauthorized credit card transactions taking place, your customers are going to be wary.  Therefore, make sure you have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or any standard World Wide Web security protocol already established to build your customers’ trust, and make your website safe.

Step 5: Set up an Internet Merchant Account to Manage Payments

There are several ways to manage payments, but the simplest is to set up a merchant account with any financial institution that will handle the credit card or debit card transactions as per your instructions.

You Get all This with Us!

Earth Skater is an innovative and creative e-commerce company that will design, develop, and market your online store.  We provide a complete online store setup, web design layouts, customer support system, and are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating.

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