Marketing Your Online Store through Facebook – Here Is What You Should Do

November 12th, 2014 by

Websites like Amazon and eBay have made it a lot easier for businesses to start up their online stores and become part of the ecommerce world. This is both a benefit and disadvantage for startups as almost anyone can now start an online store but that means a lot more competition.

The best way to standout from the competition is to have a solid marketing strategy- a marketing strategy that effectively utilizes all social media sites. Why should you should you use social media channels? That’s because social media platforms like Facebook serve as a valuable channel to get the word out about your offerings.

If you are having trouble marketing your online store through Facebook, here is what you should do:

Market Promotions

There is no better place to get the word out for your promotions and other market specials than Facebook. You can create discount codes and offer them solely through your Facebook page, exclusively for your Facebook fans. This will help you bring in more new customers and drive valuable traffic towards your online store.

Enable Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing buttons should be spread out through your online store. ‘Like’ buttons allow your customers to interact with your products and share the content they like with their friends. Once a customer likes your page, or a product, he/she will get regular updates regarding your products and receive your company’s status updates through their newsfeed.

Diversify Your Content

Diversity in content is the key to social media success, so it’s not really a good idea to keep your social media page limited to just a single type of post. When sharing posts, remember to add variety; for example, you can share images, blogs, and even videos. Many social media marketers also stress on keeping it casual, like posting a picture from your vacations, but that totally depends on your business.

Engage Your Customers

If a customer takes out time to post on your page, or comment on one of your posts, you should consider taking time to respond. Facebook is meant to be interactive, and you can pave the way to success for your online store just by showing your customers that you care.

Facebook can be used in various ways to make your customers feel valued. However, you should remember that your customers don’t want to be sold to, all the time. So avoid being pushy on your social media page, rather, create valuable content, which redirects your customers to your online store.

Contact us today, and we will advice you some of the best Facebook marketing strategies you can use for your online store!

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How Can You Drive Customer Loyalty for Your Online Store?

November 11th, 2014 by

Creating loyalty among customer towards your online store can be a difficult task. First, because there are too many online stores today, and some of them are entirely similar to yours, offering the same products. Second, because your customers have more power to shape their purchase decisions today than they had 5 years ago. This means that you should put in time and effort to come up with strategies that make you stand out, make your customers feel valued, and ultimately make them loyal towards your online store.

Here are some ways you can use to drive loyalty for your online store:

Share Your Growth and Development

Your customers need to know that you are growing and developing. It’s not just about adding new features and adding more color to your online store; it makes them feel valued and it makes them feel that you care. Keep them updated on any new products, categories, or any value added services you plan to introduce in the future. You can also keep them updated on shopping cart technologies that make it easier and more relevant to purchase from you. This will help you retain customers who have already bought from you before.

Remind Your Customers That They Purchased From You

Reviving a cold relationship with a previous customer is difficult than keeping one maintained. Many online stores make the mistake of forgetting their customers once they have made a purchase. This is totally the opposite of how you should be working if you are looking for customer loyalty. You can stay in touch with your customers through email, and keep them updated on new, relevant products, to bring them back. If the customers are happy with the purchase, and you are able to motivate them enough, they will be back and they will keep coming back.

Double Up Customer Service

Following up with customers after their product is successfully delivered is a great way to make them loyal to your store. This will complete their shopping experience, as they would be satisfied with the fact that your online store cares. A post-shipping survey is one of the best ways to invite feedback and develop your customer service and brand message with customers. More often than not, if a business has been facing falling levels of customer loyalty, it is largely because the online store failed to keep up.

These tips are just the beginning to develop loyalty in your customers. Once you successfully capture a customer, making them come back is a low cost, simple exercise to drive more sales. If you are looking for a web-designing agency that focuses on customer loyalty and adding value to your online store, be sure to contact us!

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Finding It Difficult To Choose a Domain Name? Keep These Points in Mind

November 10th, 2014 by

Alright, so you have finally decide to create an online presence by launching a business website, and an online store. However, you find yourself troubled when it comes to choosing a domain name for your online presence. What should you do?

Choosing a domain name is in many ways the same as choosing a company name; it requires a lot of consideration and thought. You can’t skimp out by settling with a domain name that is readily available; you need to come up with a creative one that compliments your business and its offerings in the best manner. Follow these tips to come up with a domain name that works out the best for you:

Make It Easy To Type In

Coming up with a domain name and finding one that is easy to type and remember should be your number one priority, as it is critical to your online success. If you use shorter words or excessive slang, your customers might have trouble remembering you or finding you on the internet. So be careful that you don’t complicate it or and of course, don’t keep it really simple.

It Should Be Short

If you end up with a domain name that is long and complicated, you can say goodbye to valuable online traffic. It should be short, so that there is no room for error when customers type in your name.

Target Your Region

If your business is established locally and you are catering to the surrounding areas, then it is always a good idea to add your location, like the name of your state, in your domain name. This will make it easy for your customers to find your services and remember you when they need you.

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords are those words which individuals from your target market are most likely to search for when looking for your service on search engines. For example, if you own a clothing shop for men, then ‘‘or ‘’ might be a good option to go with. This will help improve your rankings on search engines and it will make more sense to your customers.

Don’t Put In Numbers

Numbers and other characters like give rise to ambiguity. Your customers might end up looking for ‘’ when your website is called ‘Pizza5’. Added to that, they are highly likely to misplace or forget the dashes. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

These are some tips that can help you come up with a suitable domain name that goes best with your business. Be sure to think twice before you finally settle on one.

If you are looking for web design and web store hosting services, or if you are having trouble settling on a domain name, call us up today- we can help you out!

Effective Strategies to Launch Your Online Store

November 9th, 2014 by

Once you decide to open up an online store, the procedures for launching it can be quite overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions that you need to make, and focusing your efforts in the wrong areas can lead to days of wasted effort and money.

Fortunately, you don’t need to step into the abyss of the ecommerce world blindly. There are tons of online store, which you can learn from, and you can also use these effective strategies to launch your online store.


Choose An Easy And Convenient Shopping Cart

The more time you spend determining the best shopping cart for your business, the less time you will have to focus on other core aspects of your store. Make an easily accessible shopping cart system your first priority when launching your online store.

The most convenient way to begin is by using fully hosted, subscription based cart. These services help take care of all the hosting, technical details, and payment integration so that you can online store setup quickly.

Try It Out Yourself

When starting an online store, marketers recommended that you take care of the first few hurdles yourself. If you don’t have an idea how your business works, you might end up making huge blunders later. If you have a basic understanding, you won’t have to rely on your designers to take care of minor alterations or tasks.

Additionally, working on your online store yourself makes you prioritize what’s important- what needs to be done now, and what can wait. You are more likely to save, and less likely to make mistakes that will result in customer disappointment later.

Launch ASAP

You might have those perfectionist tendencies in you where you might have ended dragging a project just because you though you could do better. However, that is not a good approach for your online store.

Trying to invest time and tons of money into creating a store that perfectly addresses your customer needs and wants is somewhat a waste of time; instead, focus on having a basic store live first, where you can interact with and get to know your customers. Once you have a better understanding of your niche, you can move on to improving your store, and while you are at it, you will certainly have wrung up a few sales, too.

Critical Questions You Must Know the Answer to When Building Your Online Store

November 8th, 2014 by

Building an online store isn’t a piece of cake – it is a face that you give to your brand and business and that face needs to be the best in order for you to meet your revenue goals.

Launching an online store can definitely be a daunting task for small businesses as they are already short on time, staff, and money. However, as a professional service, we can help you with your online store in with the top ecommerce solutions.

You might have tons of confusions when you decide to have an online store for your business, but here are some questions that you should definitely be able to answer:

How Do I Start?

If you plan to create an online store yourself, think again. There might be plenty of platforms out there that allow you to design a fully functional online store in no time, but you wouldn’t be able to get the professional result you might be looking for. Of course, if you are low on budget, you can go with alternative options in the beginning, but it is highly advised that you utilize the services of a professional web designing service.

How Can I Customize The Overall Look Of My Website In The Best Manner?

If your company already has a website, then you should focus on creating your ecommerce website to reflect your existing online presence in the best manner. All the logos, colors, and schemes on your online store should resemble those on your original website. If you don’t really have a business website, choose the color schemes and backgrounds that complement your logo.

What Type Of Payment System Should I Use?

You can offer many payment methods to your customers. PayPal is currently the most used payment method as it enables quick transfers, and many online shoppers use PayPal accounts. However, PayPal charges around 2.9% on each transaction, which might not seem much in the beginning, but it might add up to become a huge sum at the end. Choose wisely, and consider all factors like timely payments, no errors, and any think that your customers value more.

How Can I Track The Success Of My Store?

You can select an ecommerce vendor that offers easily viewable analytic which are often driven by Google. These reporting tools allow you to keep track of your online store’s performance by using performance indicators like the number of people visiting your store, and how often.

How Do I Attract Buyers?

As soon as your ecommerce store is live, start up with the marketing activities. Place links to your stores address, on your business website, social media pages, and other video hosting websites like YouTube. Updating your company’s social media statuses a few times a day can also help you drive traffic to your store by drawing in attention to content, and other offerings like daily deals and promotions.

If you are looking for the best-looking ecommerce store, that gets you the ROI you planned on, be sure to contact us today!

Top Content Marketing Tips for Your Online Store

November 7th, 2014 by

Getting the right amount of traffic on your site is important. Without the right amount of daily views, your website will end up going out of business in no time. Improving your website to be able to attract the right amount of customers is not easy and at times, it might become too overwhelming.

If you have been operating an online store for a short period, you probably understand the importance of content marketing in ecommerce. Ecommerce content marketing can help you reel in ideal customers by boosting your website rankings on popular search engines. This way, you show up in the top of your competition and you are at better chances of having an online store that stays functional in the long run.

Here are some tips that can help you with ecommerce content marketing for your online store.

Write a blog post with different ways to use your Products

‘The best 5’, ‘the top 10’ articles are quite popular among readers because of their readability, as most readers on the internet like to skim through content they come across. A list of different ways to use your products as a blog post can be a highly useful way to create relevant content that has a high potential to be shared through social media channels and other platforms.

Another benefit of such a list is that it will most likely include answers to a range of things that your customers are trying to find a solution for when looking it up on Google.

Create A Simple Video

Videos can be a powerful piece of content, especially for ecommerce websites, and we are talking about simple videos, that don’t really take much time to load. You can create a simple video using product images, descriptions, and audio.

You can also add in customer pictures and quotes from testimonials. Videos are hands down one of the most shared content on social media platforms and you can expect to generate valuable online traffic and awareness about your products using videos.

Design An Appealing Infographic

Infographics are gradually becoming a valuable content marketing tool, especially for online stores. For an example, you can design an infrographic that includes the different shapes, sizes, and colors of a specific product with different buying options and the reasons someone would buy each one. Infograophics are also a great way to build back-links to your website and help boost your search engine rankings.

If you need help with developing a priceless, online store that delivers great value to your customers and is fully optimized to show up on top of search engines, then contact us today!

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