Mistakes That Can Harm Your E-Commerce Website Outreach

January 30th, 2015 by

Selling products online today through your web-based store is nothing new. However, it is challenging because customer expectations continue to rise, and to meet those, you have to use the right tools and approach, and maintain focus. Here are some mistakes you should avoid in order to make your online store a success:

Mistake #1- Difficult Website Functionality

Your customers don’t know you personally, and they cannot touch your products. A common challenge for online stores is to make their website design appealing to the customers and to provide optimal functionality and navigation. Use clear pictures, well thought product descriptions, and an intuitive website layout. All these are important to create a good first impression- and those really matter when you are selling online!

Mistake #2- Not Using Social Channels Wisely

An online store has many online channels to access and attracts its customers. The key is not only to reach to more and more customers but also being able to retain existing ones in order to make your store profitable. Posting pictures on Facebook is different and mastering its use to market your store is another story. The fact that you know how to use these channels doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from learning more effective ways on how to make the most out of them in order to retain and attract clients.

Mistake #3- Lack of Payment Information

Provide your customers with clear information regarding payment and shipping methods. That is also how you will establish trust with them. No customer likes to see their final bill different from the price of products. Try to provide the total price of the product initially including any shipping costs, and if they vary, mention so, so that clients do not feel misled.

Mistake #4- Complicated Checkout Process

Customers get tired or even agitated if the checkout process is overly complicated or require too much information. If your checkout process is not simple, make it so as soon as possible. A customer might not even return if they have to initiate a new checkout process every time because they are unable to remove one product from the list.

Get in your customers’ shoes with your thinking hat on. Your online store needs to be adaptive, evolving on a continuous basis; new tactics and trends should be incorporated on an ongoing basis to improve existing procedures in order to make it successful and reach more people.

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Why a Domain Name Is So Important

January 27th, 2015 by

Technically, a domain name represents a unique numeric IP address, which is assigned to each website on the World Wide Web. Imagine having to memorize tons of numeric codes for each website you want to visit- thus domain names. However, there’s more to domain names than just that. A short, easy-to-recall domain name can mean the difference between a person landing on your website-or not!

Here is why selecting the right domain name is so important:

Establishes Professional Image

When you are online, your business can easily be lost in the myriad of hundreds of other similar online businesses. The domain name you select helps you project a professional image to the world and adds credibility to your online store. It is the identity of your online business. You can choose to publish your website through an ISP or free web-hosting site but that will lend little to no credibility to your business. Having your personal domain name for your online business establishes your reputation as a real and trustworthy online store.

Becomes Your Advertising Tool

Having your own domain name, along with allowing you to establish professional communication channels, such as a dedicated business email address, also becomes your free advertising tool. With a registered domain name, you can market it on brochures, list it on your business card, etc, allowing potential customers to look you up in their own time.

Also, it is important to choose your domain wisely as it can affect your search ranking. By having a well thought out keyword relating to your product or service in your domain name, you become a potential business candidate to clients who search for those keywords online. Try to avoid a domain name with a dash (-) in it and pick a .com domain name always if at all possible.

It Helps Build Your Brand

Having a domain name makes it easier for clients to remember you, provided that it complements your product/service or company name. If it does, it helps reinforce your brand and will enable customers to return to you. Domain names work in an interesting way and it can be difficult to find one that suits your product image best.

Nevertheless, aim to create a memorable domain name that is linked with a keyword to your service/product to help drive traffic to your site.

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Tips To Manage Your Affiliate Marketing Program

January 23rd, 2015 by

As an online store manager, at one point or another, you might consider buying an affiliate marketing program. Even if you have a responsive online web store designed by a reputable and professional web store hosting company, you will soon find out that attracting quality customers to make a purchase is a difficult task. This is where affiliate marketing programs help.

By using such a program, you can leverage the power of a popular website or individual to send quality customers over to you, and if they make a sale, they are paid a commission. However, as simple it might sound, here are a few tips that will help you maintain your focus:

Get the Best Tracking Program

One important thing to consider when purchasing an affiliate marketing program is how your customers will be tracked. This is to make sure that at the end of the day, your sales numbers should match the affiliate vendor’s number. Every customer that comes to your site and makes a purchase should be tracked to the affiliate from where it landed on your page, because you will be paying either a per-sales commission or a commission on total sales.

Know What You Can Spend Per Lead

Before you negotiate on how much you can pay in affiliate commission, you need to understand your own revenue and margin from each customer. You must be able to maintain a positive margin and that is only possible when you know the gross margin, which is, cost of product into retail price. This gross margin is what you can sacrifice in paying the commission to earn an increase in revenue.

Measure Your Results Daily

When you use affiliate marketing to drive your sales, you must measure your results regularly because, at times, there can problems in comparing your data with theirs. Not all partner sites will be as transparent and you should have your own record in place to avoid trouble. It is important to identify any change in patterns from affiliate marketing and compare them with sales made, to ensure those are indeed profitable customers.

Build Good Relationships

It is important to cultivate positive relationship with affiliate partners. Work on payment terms and make sure everyone is on the same page. Understand how much you can spend and always pay on time. Find buyers whom you can work with in the long run and cut loose those who are bringing you no return because after all you are paying them.

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