Top Tips for Providing the Best Online Customer Support

May 28th, 2015 by

In order to keep prospective clients engaged, efficient and effective online support is indispensable. Poor customer support means that your customers are not getting the deserved attention and this factor might end up being the biggest hurdle in converting customers into ‘loyal’ customers. Customers get engaged and show loyalty only when they feel that their needs are not just being met, but consistently being met. A customer demands to be guided in the right direction to establish a lifelong relationship with the brand.

In a nutshell, to assure the overall success of your business, the following tips must be followed to generate best online customer support:

Offer Consistent Support

Businesses that offer multichannel support must ensure that the customer support is consistent. Customers must not feel any hesitation and difference between communicating over one channel and another. If you are operating through a single channel, then offering customer support is fairly easy; however, if you are introducing another support channel then additional efforts must be made to ensure that your brand conveys the same message across all platforms.

In simpler words, your customer support team must provide the same answers and advice on every podium. In order to do this, make sure your support team has a comprehensive product and service knowledge, are good at diagnosing and solving problems, and are courteous and considerate.

Value Your Customers’ Time

Nothing could frustrate your clients more than waiting for customized solutions for their problems. Businesses must understand that customers must have instant access to the support team. Make sure someone informative, helpful and considerate is always present on duty to help resolve client queries and problems. The ultimate purpose of live chat is to allow clients to come in direct contact with customer representatives. Ideally, the response time over a live chat mustn’t be more than 60 seconds; in case there is a delay, make sure the representatives are able to convince customers with valid reasoning.

Talk in Layman Terms

When your customer service representatives are interacting with clients, ask them to avoid using jargon and technical terms that customers cannot comprehend. Train them to talk in the simplest manner, utilizing plain and ordinary spoken words. For instance, if a large chunk of information is to be explained to customers, make sure it is broken down into smaller, simpler sub-sections and explained one by one. Moreover, agents must ask the clients in between whether or not they are grasping the concepts and are finding the information useful.

If you are looking for affordably priced online store software for online store setup, then Earth Skater is your solution. In addition to offering the best customer support and services, we provide the right guidance and assistance to our clients as to how they can draw and retain their customer base. Here’s how we can support you in case you have any queries.

The Perks of Premium SSL

May 25th, 2015 by

One of the basic pillars of setting up an online store requires you to completely understand necessary security measures before starting out and making it big in the online world; having said that, SSL certificates are an important piece of this puzzle. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a form of security for sites that handle sensitive information such as customer names, phone numbers, credit card information, addresses etc. Moreover, SSL security certificates help to establish a secure connection between a customer’s web browser and the server they are collaborating with. All in all, if you are willing to maintain privacy and security of your website, SSL certificates are a pre-requisite.

Some of the most important benefits you can expect from SSL Certificates include:

Information Encryption

The primary purpose of SSL Certification is to encrypt the information on the website so that it can be read and comprehended by the intended parties only. Since the information sent to reach the final destination surpasses several stops, the chances of third party intrusion and misuse of information increase. In this instance, SSL certificates insert random characters in the original information so that no one can decrypt the message without the encryption key.

Renders Authentication

If you want to be sure that the information on the website stays safe and secure without interception, then SSL certification is what you need. The certificate acts as a mediator between browsers and SSL servers to show that SSL certification provider can be trusted. Customers are allowed to view these documents to authenticate your site’s SSL and that the page they are about to enter is real, not an imitation.

Required For Payment Acceptance

As per the Payment Card Industry Compliance, on online business needs SSL certification with an encryption of at least 128-bit. According to PCI, SLL Certificates are one such source that can be trusted as it uses the right strength of subscription and provides a private connection on any page that requires customer information. Without such certificates, a site won’t be able to accept credit card payments.

Some common types of SSL Certifications include:

Basic Domain Validation SSL Certification

The Certificate Authority checks the right of the applicant to choose a specific domain name. However, no company identification is examined and no information is exhibited other than the encrypted information that lies within the security seal. Also, this certificate does not include a clickable link or a trust badge.

Premium Organization Validation SSL Certification

In addition to checking the right of applicants to use a domain name, it allows to scrutinize the organization as well. This vetted information is presented to customers when they click the Secure Site Seal. This provides greater visibility and trust in regards to who is behind the site. OV certificates include a clickable link and a trust badge.

Ultra Premium Extended Validation SSL Certification

According to this certification, the Certificate Authority checks the right of the applicant to use a domain name and conducts a thorough examination of the organization. It verifies the legal, physical and operational existence of the entity. This certification is available for all types of businesses and governmental entities. Also, it includes a green address bar on HTTPS secure pages.

If you are willing to set up an online store with secure online store hosting, then you’ve landed at the right spot. At Earth Skater, we allow our customers to opt for a Standard SSL, Premium SSL and Ultra Premium SSL so that your business grows securely. To find out more about our services, visit:

Some Awesome Features That Earth Skater Offers

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Online retail markets have been booming since the early days of e-commerce. Moreover, accounting to convenience and expediency, consumers prefer shopping online than from traditional stores. While the process of setting up an online store seems daunting, it isn’t as difficult as it seems to be.

This is exactly the purpose of Earth Skater. We are an online store builder, specializing in online store development. Our aim is to provide all those aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to set up an online store which would not only be operational on laptops and PCs, but also on mobile devices. By hiring us, you are allowing our team of technical experts to take on the responsibility of setting up an online store ranging from website designing to programming and marketing the store to the target market.

Earth Skater’s range of unequaled services include logo/banner creation, product transfers, web content, icon creation, developing shipping connections and payment gateways. Regardless of whether you are a nascent entrepreneur or a sought after businessman, we will have everything covered for you at nominal rates.

Online Store Features

We permit our clients to choose one of our mobile friendly responsive sites or stick to their current website design. From website design to logo, setting up shipping to payment settings, and content and product transfers, we handle it all on your behalf. Your account home page will consist of easily accessible variables such as email, webmail, stats, SSL security, PCI compliance and backup. As a recommendation, we have a features list that allows you to pick and choose essential features that your website must have such as taking donations, charging credit cards or checks, offering wholesale prices etc. Once your online store setup is complete, we will continue to assist and help you out whenever needed, at affordable rates.

Affiliate Tracking Program

Our Affiliate tracking program will be a part of your website where anyone can become an affiliate and refer business to your website to generate sales for a certain commission. Affiliates make use of their own unique links to refer customers to your website. At Earth Skater, we offer multiple marketing banners to choose from. Moreover, we offer the ability to track affiliate clicks, conversions, commissions and payments.

Setup Features

Every hosting package offered by Earth Skater includes a complete and complimentary setup so you don’t have to do anything on your own. Our online store setup includes responsive and mobile-friendly website design, product export & import, transfer content, starter logo design and email setup and more. Moreover, each and every plan includes a free 1st year domain name, whereas, standard and above plans include a 1st year SSL security certificate.

We will allow you to have a website that you will be proud of! Specializing in e-commerce, we guarantee a professional website every time.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

May 14th, 2015 by

Businesses that do not utilize social media as a marketing tool consider it nothing more than a steep, complicated learning curve that has no practical advantages. On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs that realize the true power of this fad and believe that its full advantage must be taken before the spotlight hogs onto something else.

According to a research conducted last year, 92% of the marketers asserted that social media was important for their business; while 80% indicated that their efforts increased the traffic on their website. Needless to say, social media has a great potential to boost sales, required if businesses have a thorough knowledge and understanding of social media tools.

Read below to find out how social media marketing can improve your business performance:

Greater Brand Recognition

Every opportunity that you come across to pool in the content and increase your visibility is vital. Consider social media as another tool to voice your business idea and content. They not only permit you to reach out to new customers, but also make your business more accessible, familiar and recognizable to existing customers. For instance, a customer on Facebook would get to hear first about your new offering while browsing over his/her news feed. The fact of the matter is, customers become better acquainted with your brand when they witness it over multiple social networks.

Better Conversion Opportunities

Each and every post you make on social media is a prospect for customers to convert. Every blog, image, video or post you share over the internet allows someone to react, and every reaction leads to a site visit and ultimately a conversion. Once businesses build a following, they will concurrently have access to new, recent and old customers. However, keep in mind that every reaction will not result in a conversion, but increase the likelihood of eventually turning into one.

Reduced Marketing Costs

If the recent statistics are to go by, 84% of the marketers stated that it required no more than 6 hours per week to generate increased traffic. For a communication channel as big as social media, 6 hours are not very significant. If you spend a single hour per day to develop your content and syndication strategy, your efforts would bear fruit soon. Paid advertisement on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter charge relatively less than other advertising tools.

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Value of a Mobile Friendly Website

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Considering the fact that most of us are dependent on our smart phones in our daily routine, it should come as no surprise that a mobile friendly website is essential for an online business. Competition in the virtual world today is rife with businesses using a wide variety of means to maneuver technology in their favor.

One of the best marketing strategies to invest in is to develop a mobile friendly website for your products or services. This will not only help you generate more traffic onto your website, but it will ultimately result in streamlined management of clients and their requirements.

Here are a few things that point towards the value of a mobile friendly website.

Riveting and Appealing

A mobile friendly website is a great deal more appealing than a simple, HTML based website. Incorporating mobile friendly features such as tap to call, map specifications according to geographical locations results in increasing average time on the website. Open a website that is not mobile friendly and makes navigation difficult and people are more likely to opt for your “mobile-friendly” competitor.

Superior SEO

According to the Webmaster Central Blog, Google has now deemed the mobile-friendliness of a website as a ranking signal. If you need to generate more traffic on your website, you will have to rank higher on search engine searches, and one of the best ways to do that is to invest in a mobile friendly website!

Enhanced User Experience

The way you treat your customers plays a huge role in retaining customers. Putting a mobile friendly website into operation will greatly enhance user experience by a reduced page loading speed and convenient navigation. A report by Kissmetrics actually indicated that about 60% of mobile users over the past year had abandoned websites since that were not compatible with their smart phone devices.

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Need Investments For An Online Store? Consider Crowd Funding

May 4th, 2015 by

Crowd funding can be simply explained as a technique used to elevate capital amounts with the help of family, friends, investors and current customers. Since social media has become a platform that is easily accessible by everyone, crowd funding proves to be an effective method to generate traffic and exposure to the business.

If you are at the initial start up for your online store, crowd funding may be an effective tool for gathering investments form the right sources. Here are some of the many advantages of crowd funding for an online store, in comparison to traditional and conventional fundraising options.

Effective Networking and Marketing

One of the best things about crowd funding is that you meet new people throughout the launch and close of the campaign and marketing becomes easier. Promoting the campaign through social media platforms, newsletters, corporate videos, etc reaches a broader audience. Moreover, the different media channels covering the fundraising progress can be used to direct more traffic towards your website.

Streamlined Processes

Appealing to different investors on an individual basis requires a great deal of time, energy and investment. Moreover, this can lead to chances of simple, human errors, since the volume of interaction becomes huge. With online crowd funding, you have the capability to streamline these processes to an entire pool of different investors through a single profile that highlights your prospects and potential.

Pinpoint the Package

Once you have embarked on the crowd funding campaign, you have the chance to look at your entire business from a bird’s eye view, eventually giving you control to pinpoint the essential parts. The final result is a polished and refined package that includes the best aspects of your business including history, target market specifications, offerings, value propositions and ideas and many more.

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