What Should You Expect From Website Testing

June 9th, 2015 by

If all computer systems had identical software running, website testing would be a breeze. However, it is not. Unlike printed media, a website can be accessed and viewed from a number of systems that are composed of countless variables to take into account when designing a website. This is the very reason why website testing takes place.

The ultimate goal of website testing is to make sure every visitor has a pleasant and smooth experience on a website, regardless of the system they have. The core areas covered in website testing are stated below:

Mobile Usability

As much as 91% of Americans today own a smart phone out of which around 48% use it to shop online. According to Google, 90% of people start off a task on one device and wrap it up on the other. Keeping this trend in view, the significance of mobile usability testing cannot be overlooked. The ultimate purpose of mobile usability testing is to ensure the following:

  • Easy transition between mobile and desktop testing scenarios mid-session,
  • Allow users/viewers to watch gestures and facial expressions in real-time,
  • Capture the respondent’s finger gestures and facial expressions simultaneously,
  • Permit users to use the mobile device in natural ways rather than conforming to technical norms.

Browser Bugs

Most of the old browsers, and some of the new ones, do not adhere to established standards as they should. This means that an identical code may look perfect in one browser but not in the other. This is the result of browser bugs that surface in various forms such as broken page layouts, multi-sized fonts, spacing and alignment issues etc. The purpose of website testing is to fix these issues by revising codes to ensure compatibility across major browsers.

Accessibility Concerns

This area is specifically covered during website testing to ensure a smooth browsing experience for handicapped and impaired individuals. Determining the alt tags in images, ease of accessing key definitions, screen readers and contrast of colors used for the color blinded people are some of the accessibility issues that are resolved during website testing. Most of these enhancements are easy to implement on a standardized website and testing for these issues promises a good navigational experience.

Functionality Problems

Even a perfect-looking website is bound to fail if it falls short of functioning appropriately. One of the basic examples of functionality is if a website has a registration form, what should happen if a ‘*’ field is left unfilled? What if inaccurate information is provided in the email field? Is the checkout process user-friendly and bug-less? The ultimate purpose of testing for functionality is to make sure the website is free from any slip-ups.

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