The Art of Converting Visitors into Loyal Customers

April 8th, 2016 by


Have you ever walked into a shop and grabbed the first item on your list without even looking at it because you know that it’s your go-to item, no matter what? Your complete trust in that product is what makes you a loyal customer. As someone who works in the industry of providing customers with the products and services they need, the first thing you need to understand is the mentality of a basic customer. So why is it that your business hasn’t garnered loyal customer base? Why can’t the product or the business hold on to a visitor?

As we discuss the process of converting visitors into loyal customers, we shall learn some of the strategies which can be used to make sure that these customers stay long term, along with some of the mistakes that should be avoided so that the customers stay connected to the product.

Engaging Web Design

If you do not have a professional web design that boasts your product in a positive way then it won’t matter how good your product is. For example, as one of the best website design companies, we at Earth Skater try to create a versatile web design which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also clean and crisp enough to give the customers all the information they need at first glance.

Reason for Return

If you have an online store setup, then you might notice that many customers leave their shopping carts without purchasing anything. According to fairly recent research, it is found that 37% of customers leave their carts because the product is either too expensive, or they were just browsing. The best way to have a loyal customer base is to give them a reason to actually want to come back. Study the numbers you get from your own economic plan and try to give customers near to what they need so that they are more tempted to return.

Building a Connection

Studies show that only 32% of customers place more orders in their first year as a customer, and most do not even visit again. The reason behind this is because they do not maintain a connection with the company. If a customer signs on to a website, they supply their name, contact information, their likes and interests and what they’d like to see. Using this information to send them important news such as new arrivals or deals can give the customer a chance to come back and buy a product that sparks their interest, thus creating a connection between them and the company. Also, if a customer asks something, give prompt feedback so that they know that you value their opinions and questions.


One strategy which cinches the deal is that of giving the customer something extra. Everyone likes gifts and rewards, and if you want a customer to have a long term relation with your company then you need to give them a reason to opt for the membership. Movie tickets, coupons, free samples or latest releases of products are just some of the deals that would surely cinch a loyal customer membership.

The whole package needs to be proper if you want to convert visitors into loyal customers, and by using these strategies, you will find that the customer will actually bring in more revenue and new customers with them if you value their importance in the first place.