Small Business Tip of the Day – Blogging

May 31st, 2016 by

I am often asked by small business owners, how can I get more traffic to my website…

…the simple answer to getting more traffic to your website is in BLOGGING.

Often, there is very little to no budget available for PayPerClick, social media advertising, or other paid advertising.

On the other hand, business owners with passion are willing to do the work themselves, the thing is, they just want to know what to do…

After working with expensive strategic advisors and marketing experts, I can tell you that the simple answer to getting more traffic to your website is in BLOGGING.

A blog is just a silly word for a web page.

Your blog can be built into your website or hosted on a different domain name entirely.  Your blog is organized by date and category, which is why you need to use a blog content management system like WordPress or similar because it will ensure your blog posts are in the proper format and organized for your readers.

It is up to you, just like the sharks of SharkTank, Mark Cuban and the like, have become expert bloggers.  They’ve defined the  idea of becoming an influencer, of becoming a thought leader, and if they can do it… then why can’t you?  There is NO reason why, it’s a rhetorical question!

I myself, personally, am starting right now, with this, my first post of what I anticipate to be a regular stream to follow.  I am opening up, reaching out, and helping small business owners/entrepreneurs through the benefit of my background and expertise as a CEO in e-commerce.

My aim is to help entrepreneurs through my unique point of view and perspective on e-commerce and provide food for thought on how to compete in increasingly competitive marketplaces.

So, to sum it all up, start your blog, post your perspectives on the marketplace, share those posts on your social media accounts, and get active on the platforms you are posting to, build your community, and the rest will follow.

Look for more posts on these topics and others related to e-commerce, online stores, marketing and advertising, and visit me at to learn more.


Sener Korkusuz is the Founder and CEO of, dedicated to helping small business owners succeed online with unbeatable web design, web hosting, and online store service.  He is the co-founder and CEO of the A7FL, American 7’s Football League.  He is the Co-founder and CTO of, a free tool used to survey your LinkedIn connections.

Quick & Deadly Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

May 1st, 2016 by

Social media is now mainstream.  Businesses across the globe use it to promote their wares.  Today, it forms an integral component of brand marketing.  Above all, it is a simple and valuable tool that can generate substantial investment returns for companies.

Yet, a majority of social media marketers continue making some deadly mistakes that stunts business growth.  In this blog, we will explore some of these mistakes and suggest ways to address them:

No strategy

A well-developed social media strategy enables companies to effectively deliver their desired message. It helps build more powerful and impactful social media campaigns.

Having a comprehensive social media strategy makes it plausible for marketers to set goals, frame a roadmap to achieve them, and most importantly, measure results.

Posting without thinking

Too often, marketers post whatever comes to their mind. It is crucial to reflect on the message that firms intend to convey to their audiences.

Before posting content, social media marketers need to think of ways to improve each post. Ultimately, online users want engaging and thought provoking content that adds value to their lives.

Too many social media platforms

Although each social media platform has its own significance, businesses should avoid using too many social media marketing platforms. Small businesses, in particular, should focus on one platform before branching out to the next.

And most importantly, marketers should refrain from promoting the same product on all of their platforms. As most people follow their companies on multiple channels, they will receive duplicate content that won’t go down well.

Not interacting with followers

Social media is all about interaction and engagement with followers. Aside from posting information about brands, interacting with followers builds trust and a long term relationship.

But remember, social media interaction requires time and effort. Marketers should strive to do it at least once a day and then gradually increase the interaction rate. It is possible that this interaction rate will be low in the beginning. However, it will build up as time passes.

Not focusing on brand value

From startups to established companies, almost every business is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram these days. With so many brands out there on social media, marketers need to focus on their key value proposition. They should strive to show the audiences what makes them different from their competition.

Not converting followers

It is critical to convert followers into customers. Conversion is essential for business growth. Hence, firms need to develop engaging posts that can compel their followers to make a purchase. Equally important is to identify and engage those followers who regularly share product posts.

There is more to social media marketing than simply posting content on Twitter or Facebook. Successful social media marketing requires concerted effort and planning.

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