Online Store Software Customization

January 16th, 2017 by

Online stores are supposed to be quick and easy to setup, right?  You just sign up and type in a few products, upload a few pics, and voila… er, not so fast.

Today, online store’s are offered like a commodity, just pick the one with the cool web design and a list of checkmark features that seems to match your needs, at least the needs you think you know you have.  It’s all up to you, good luck!  Setting up an online store can be done on the cheap but I don’t think most merchants would describe it as easy, quick, or sufficient to needs of their success.

Online Store Customization = Custom For You

Customization is a key to success, your website has to stand out through branding (your domain name, visual design, and marketing) and a variety of other factors including online store functionality and customer service in order to be distinct in the marketplace!

Customizing your online store or website could involve:

  • having the website design created exactly the way you want it
  • create custom content or using high quality stock photos & video
  • creating a custom interface for the customer ordering process
  • programming to automate and process orders more efficiently
  • connecting in with 3rd party API’s
  • recurring billing subscriptions with membership account
  • storing customer billing information
  • digital download products

What Does This Mean For Me?

There are many ways to customize your online store and so the biggest question is… Does your online store software provider provide the service to help you customize?  Better yet, do they go the extra mile and offer the flexibility to meet your specific demands?

If the answer to any of the questions above is NO, then please call Earth Skater today where we will be happy to help you review and find a solution to your business needs.

Earth Skater specializes in eCommerce with complimentary website setup and transfer.  We’ve helped hundreds of merchants make an easy transition into the world of websites and selling online with our online store platform.