Recurring Billing and Subscriptions

March 27th, 2017 by


Accepting recurring payments online is supposed to be quick and easy to get going, right?  Yet, it is much more involved and often times complicated to set up an online store with subscription payments like for a service or auto-ship product.

Today, online store’s are offered like a commodity, and recurring billing and subscription products are some of the most difficult features to find and especially to customize to your specific requirements. Recurring Billing

Earth Skater supports recurring billing (ARB, automated recurring billing) and CIM (Customer information manager to safely store customer information) with  Customization is a key to success with recurring billing setups.  Your websites may need to allow customers to:

  • update billing package
  • update billing frequency
  • update billing date
  • update billing credit card information
  • cancel a recurring subscription
  • connecting in with 3rd party API’s
  • update user/pass in membership account
  • save billing information

What Does This Mean For Me?

There are a few ways to setup recurring billing on your online store and so the biggest question is… Does your online store software support recurring billing and does it meet your requirements?

If the answer to any of the questions above is NO, then please call Earth Skater today where we will be happy to help you review and find a solution to your business needs.

Earth Skater specializes in eCommerce with complimentary website setup and transfer.  We’ve helped hundreds of merchants make an easy transition into the world of websites and selling online with our online store platform.