Trouble Finding Blog Ideas?

July 22nd, 2017 by

Like anything new, becoming a Blogger could be overwhelming at first but it doesn’t have to be.  With the help of a process that clicks for you, you can get past the hurdle of finding topics to write about and spend more time on writing the quality content you want to disseminate.

One of the hardest parts of blogging is finding stuff to write about

You already know that you have a lot of value in your experience, expertise, and industry knowledge to speak on.  But that is a big pool of ideas to start with and we have to think about ways to narrow it down.  Ideas for Blog topics can come from multiple sources including:

1. Daily Life

If your daily life is like mine, you have a lot going on and every now and then get that flash of inspiration that intrigues you to investigate and ponder further.  These inspirational ideas are awesome when they come but they are not always handy when you need them.  Always be ready to write down the flash of inspiration ideas immediately without thinking.  Otherwise, a second later, they may seem silly or worthless and you’ll forget about it.  On the other hand, those scribbled flashes of inspiration could save you in a crunch some other day when a topic is sorely needed.

2. News/Media Sources

The news/media that you follow is an excellent source of topics for your blog.  Industry related news gives you a chance to promote your brand perspective on the news of the day and provide valuable insight to potential customers.  This is a fun category of ideas to play with and the topic is given to you, so you just have to give commentary or spin on it.

3. Website Stats

Website statistics like Google Analytics and other real time statistics tools are good way to see what content that you already offer gets the most attention.  Track which web pages and blog posts get the most attention and what keywords are driving traffic to those pages.  This can help you to come up with Blog topic ideas that speak directly in realtime to your website visitors and social followers.

4. Search Engine Stats

Search engine statistics are stats from sources like Google Webmaster tools where you can see the organic traffic your site receives and the specific keywords generating that organic traffic.  These long tail keywords are Blogging gold and may be the source of your most valuable content ideas.

5. Advertising Stats

Advertising statistics are stats from sources like Google Adwords where you can see the paid traffic (PPC) to your website and the keywords that are generating the most interest.  Keywords that generate traffic and not sales can be paused but they may represent visitors in the investigative stage of the buying process, and it is those keywords that you may want to focus on writing Blog posts on.  Blogging gold here again.

I’m happy to help with any questions so please feel free to comment or contact freely.


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