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Best Practices for Developing a Global Website

May 5th, 2017 by

Even the best online store hosting software will not be able to help you create the best website for your company if you don’t know how to approach the global market efficiently. Online stores have been the biggest trend since the beginning of the new millennium and every day we see hundreds of websites penetrate the web, but what hinders their progress is that they don’t take the global aspect of their product seriously.

The simplest mistake a company can make when developing its website is not taking the diversity of an online customers into account. If you want to know how the most successful companies in the world have such a strong online presence, then simply visit their websites and study them. From the in-country domain to the design layout, these companies use their websites as representations of who they are, and by giving the customer an appealing look, not only do they convert their visitors into loyal customers, but they also make sure that the customer knows that they are taking their own business seriously. So what exactly are these practices that should be followed if a company is looking to develop a website for global presence?

In-Country Domain

Using separate domain names for each target country not only creates a matter of identity for the customer, but it also helps Google detect it for search results. If you have your website on different domains, it will give the customer easier access to your website, and make them feel like you value their membership. Also, it can be very appealing to the customer if the website is not only in their domain, but also in their language.

Google Webmaster and Analytics

By uploading the sitemap of your website to Google Webmaster and Analytics, you can keep an eye on the online traffic, online visibility, and different keywords which can help diversify the content of your website and find new target markets.

Web Design

If you see any online store setup by Earth Skater, you will notice that we take all aspects of your company into account.  Several important factors influence personalization such as the product name, colors associated, theme, visual and technical layouts along with logo all matter because they not only facilitate in creating a more efficient design for the customer but they also bring a sense of consistency to the website layout, especially if the website is being built in different languages.


This is the most obvious piece of the puzzle but one that is mostly overlooked. When writing your webcopy, it is best to not bombard it with keywords, rather just use them in a way that the script flows naturally. Many companies use professional copywriters and even linguists to make sure that their website gives off the best impression possible, especially if they are going to use that copy in a different language.

For a global website, the main practice is to make sure that you understand your global market and its pressure points. Use what’s trending to your advantage and give the customer a website that uses professionalism and subtlety to hook the customer to your products.