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Merchant Processing 102

January 11th, 2018 by

Shopping Carts, Gateways and Payment Processors: Anatomy of an Online Purchase

Merchants should understand the value of operating in multiple channels. For those who haven’t yet incorporated e-commerce into their business but want to, there is much to learn.

With a little research and education, merchants can find the best providers to accommodate their business needs and those of their consumers.   It just makes sense — e-commerce provides merchants an opportunity to make more money and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

What Makes an E-Commerce Solution Possible?

In addition to the range of software and hardware that companies use to support the sale of products and services online, there are three vital components that make online shopping possible: the shopping cart, payment gateway and payment processor.

Shopping cart:  

The shopping cart acts quite literally as a virtual shopping basket. It holds the items customers select from a Web site until they are ready to proceed to the checkout stage, where their credit card information will be processed. The shopping cart:

o         Keeps track of items until they are purchased

o         Automatically totals the amount of a customer’s order, including shipping and tax

o         Allows shoppers to securely enter address and credit card information

Payment Gateway:

In order to accept credit cards through the Internet, a payment gateway is critical to transport the credit card information from the shopping cart to the payment processor once the consumer clicks the “Buy” button. In most cases, this transaction happens almost instantaneously. The payment gateway receives encrypted transactions from the merchant’s shopping cart.   An encrypted transaction simply means that credit card numbers can’t be read by people who are not supposed to read those numbers.   Authentication is then provided and the decrypted payment information is transmitted for authorization. The payment gateway:

o         Fulfills the same function as a point-of-sale (card swipe) terminal at a physical retail location

o         Takes information provided through a shopping cart and transmits it electronically and securely to a payment processor to be routed for authorization of payment

Payment Processor: 

The payment processor transmits a customer’s credit card information via the Internet to the merchant bank for authorization. It also sends data back to the merchant’s bank to approve payment or the transfer of funds. A payment processor:

o         Acts as a link from the merchant to the acquiring bank or merchant bank

o         Receives information from the merchant through the payment gateway and packages the information for delivery to the acquirer, ensuring that all necessary transactional data is present and valid

o         Later transmits information back from the acquirer for delivery to the merchant to settle the transaction

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Add Credit Card Payment to Your E-Commerce Website

October 1st, 2014 by

Customers value convenience…

It’s that simple. Set up an online store, add all necessary features, verify its legitimacy, market your website, and you are good to go!

When you create a place for customers where they can get what they need, all in one place, you may see some positive results in your business. With a credit card payment system, you can accomplish much success for your online store.

Here is how your business can benefit from this strategic addition:

Establishes Legitimacy of Business

Most customers judge an e-commerce site based on the interface and the payment system. If you don’t have any purchase system software, you leave your customers dissatisfied. On the other hand, with all the right features and credible payment system, you build customer loyalty, and provide your customer with added options. This develops a sense of legitimacy.

Cost Effective & Time Saving

Most entrepreneurs feel that getting a merchant payment account to develop a payment system is expensive. Of course it’s not free. Yet the advantages of it outweigh the cost. Ideally, when a customer makes a credit card purchase, the cash is transferred directly into your bank account. With alternatives like money orders and checks, the process is elaborate and time consuming.

Bigger Sales

For big purchases, most customers do not prefer the installment process. It can be quite tiresome. Instead, they’re rather instantly purchase with their credit card, on full payment. This way, instead of receiving a first installment payment, you instantly receive full payment on expensive items.

The Potential

If you think developing a merchant account is complicated, there are simpler options available. Many applications are now developed that allows you a platform where you can simply accept credit card payments through your online portal.
While there are several advantages available of credit card system, there are also many risks involved pertaining to frauds and security. So make sure to ask you get expert advice to make credit card transactions safe!

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