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27 Tips To Top Search Engine Rankings

October 12th, 2017 by
  1. Increase your site’s link popularity by increasing your internal and incoming links.
    • Internal links – Cross link all your sites and important pages within each site. This will maximize the PageRank of all your pages within each web site.
    • Incoming links that you control – Create several small web sites related to your main site. Each site should only consist of a few pages. Then cross link them all together using the most important keywords. Don’t forget to include links back to the main site.
    • Incoming links that you don’t control:
      • Ask sites that link to your competitors to link to your site. To find out which sites are linking to your competitors, visit a search engine and enter, “link:” followed by the competitors’ domain name.For example:

      • Exchange links with sites listed in the same category as yours in the major web directories, such as the Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory.
      • Find sites that accept site submissions. Visit your favorite search engine and search for:

        "add url" "your keywords"

        Also try searching for the actual submission page using its page name.

        For example:

        addurl.html, addsite.html, addlink.html, etc.

  2. Try to avoid stop words in your TITLE tag. Stop words (a, an, and, but, he, her, his, i, in, it, of, on, or, she, the, etc.) are common words and characters ignored by some search engines to enhance the speed and relevancy of their search results
  3. Include a META DESCRIPTION tag, directly after the TITLE tag. Include the most important keyword phrase for the web page as close to the beginning of the description as possible.For example:

    <TITLE>Mike's Marketing Software Tools Reviews</TITLE>
    <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Mike's Marketing Tools is the leading review site for the very best internet marketing tools for web marketers and webmasters.">

  4. If you use a META REFRESH tag, make sure it is set to refresh after 30 seconds.

    <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="30; URL=">

    Some search engines consider pages that refreshes under 30 seconds as spam. I recommend using a JavaScript redirect tag, if you require a quicker page refresh.

    For example:

    Step 1 – Paste this code into the HEAD section of your HTML document. Change the 3000 to whatever number you like. 1000 represents 1 (one) second.

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
    function redirect () {setTimeout("change()",3000);}
    function change () {window.location.href="";}

    Step 2 – Insert the onLoad event handler into your BODY tag, so that the JavaScript code is executed when the page loads.

    <BODY onLoad="redirect()">

  5. Remove all other meta tags (author, date, etc.), unless you’re sure they are absolutely necessary.
  6. Include a site map with links to all your pages. This will help search engines find and index all your pages.
    • Limit the number of links on a web page to 50.
    • If you have more than 50 links, limit your links to your most important pages.
    • Include text on the page as some search engines, such as AltaVista, have been known to kick out links only pages.
  7. Use one or more header tags in your main page body and include your most important keyword phrase/s.
    • Use large header tags, such as <H1>; and <H2>.
    • Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to alter the appearance of the header tags to fit the look and feel of your site.
  8. Check the first couple of lines of the first paragraph to see if it’s appropriate to be used as a description of your page. Many search engines utilize the first couple of sentences of the body text as the search results description, instead of the contents of the META DESCRIPTION tag.
  9. Try to achieve an overall keyword density of 1-2%.
  10. Try to achieve a minimum word count of 300 and a maximum of 750 words on each page.
  11. Register a domain name with the exact keyword phrase you wish to target, using hyphens to separate the keywords.For example, if the keyword phrase is “search engine rankings,” then register:

    If the domain you want is unavailable, either try a different extension, such as .NET, .INFO, or .US, or add a keyword to the end (preferential) or beginning of the domain.

  12. Name directories after your keyword phrases, using hyphens or underscores to separate the keywords.For example, if an important keyword phrases is, “search engine rankings,” name your directory: or...

  13. Name web pages after your most important keyword phrase. Separate the keywords using hyphens or underscores.For example, if the keyword phrase is “search engine rankings,” then name the page:

    search-engine-rankings.html or...

  14. Name your graphic files after keyword phrases. Again, separate the keywords using hyphens or underscores.For example:

    <IMG SRC="search-engines-rankings.gif">

  15. Include an ALT (alternative text) atrribute in image tags. Include the most important keyword phrases.For example:

    <IMG SRC="search-engines-rankings.gif" ALT="search engine rankings.">

  16. If you use an image map, include HTML links, as some search engines do not follow image map links. Plus image maps do not offer search engines any link text to index. So, try to avoid the use of image maps as they do not help with your search engine optimization efforts.
  17. Use the longer or plural version of a keyword, where possible. Word stemming is a concept used by some search engines to return search results that include keywords that extend beyond what you searched for.For example, a search with the keyword “engine” might return results for, “engines,” “engineers,” and “engineering.” If someone searches for the longer version of a word and your page only uses the short version, then your page will be excluded from the list of possible results.
  18. Sprinkle a few uncommon keywords and synonyms in your main body text. Less popular keywords have less competition in the search engines. So your web page is has a greater chance of being listed amongst the top results.
  19. Do not repeat keywords or keyword phrases over and over again on a web page, as this would be considered as spam by search engines.
  20. Keep your pages as close to the root domain as possible. Do not set up more than 3 directory levels.For example: (1st level - excellent) (2nd level - Good) (3rd level - OK) (Too many levels down - search engines will find it difficult to find and index pages this far down)

  21. If you have a persistent (on most or all of your pages) navigation bar at the side of each page, your table is almost certainly set up in such a way that it pushes your page’s body text down the HTML document. Search engines give prominence to keywords nearer the beginning of a HTML document. So, design your HTML table so that the navigation bar is placed after your main body text.
  22. Move Javascript code to a separate file, or the end of the HTML document after your closing BODY or HTML tag. Yes, this technique actually works!Follow these instructions to move the JavaScript code to a separate file and link to the file from the HTML document. Then place the following code in between the HEAD section:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="file-name.js"></SCRIPT>

    This procedure also reduces your file size, and therefore your download time. In addition, it allows you to reuse the code on other pages by simply link to the JavaScript file. Both of these techniques will move your important body text nearer to the top of the HTML document.

  23. Although not always practical, you may like to try naming your cascading style sheet tags after keywords.For example:

    .search {
    color: #ff0000;

  24. Use Robots.txt files instead of Robots meta tags, as some search engine robots do not recognize the tag.
  25. Do not use font size one (1) text as the default text size. Many search engines consider tiny text to be spam. It’s OK to use some font size one text.
  26. Do not participate in link farms or link exchange programs. Search engines consider link farms and link exchange programs as spam, as they have only one purpose – to artificially inflate a site’s link popularity, by exchanging links with other participants.Do not confuse link farms and link exchange programs with reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking is the exchange of links with individual sites, and is certainly an accepted technique for improving your site’s link popularity.

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Best Practices for Developing a Global Website

May 5th, 2017 by

Even the best online store hosting software will not be able to help you create the best website for your company if you don’t know how to approach the global market efficiently. Online stores have been the biggest trend since the beginning of the new millennium and every day we see hundreds of websites penetrate the web, but what hinders their progress is that they don’t take the global aspect of their product seriously.

The simplest mistake a company can make when developing its website is not taking the diversity of an online customers into account. If you want to know how the most successful companies in the world have such a strong online presence, then simply visit their websites and study them. From the in-country domain to the design layout, these companies use their websites as representations of who they are, and by giving the customer an appealing look, not only do they convert their visitors into loyal customers, but they also make sure that the customer knows that they are taking their own business seriously. So what exactly are these practices that should be followed if a company is looking to develop a website for global presence?

In-Country Domain

Using separate domain names for each target country not only creates a matter of identity for the customer, but it also helps Google detect it for search results. If you have your website on different domains, it will give the customer easier access to your website, and make them feel like you value their membership. Also, it can be very appealing to the customer if the website is not only in their domain, but also in their language.

Google Webmaster and Analytics

By uploading the sitemap of your website to Google Webmaster and Analytics, you can keep an eye on the online traffic, online visibility, and different keywords which can help diversify the content of your website and find new target markets.

Web Design

If you see any online store setup by Earth Skater, you will notice that we take all aspects of your company into account.  Several important factors influence personalization such as the product name, colors associated, theme, visual and technical layouts along with logo all matter because they not only facilitate in creating a more efficient design for the customer but they also bring a sense of consistency to the website layout, especially if the website is being built in different languages.


This is the most obvious piece of the puzzle but one that is mostly overlooked. When writing your webcopy, it is best to not bombard it with keywords, rather just use them in a way that the script flows naturally. Many companies use professional copywriters and even linguists to make sure that their website gives off the best impression possible, especially if they are going to use that copy in a different language.

For a global website, the main practice is to make sure that you understand your global market and its pressure points. Use what’s trending to your advantage and give the customer a website that uses professionalism and subtlety to hook the customer to your products.

5 Tips If You’re Serious About Starting an Online Store

September 2nd, 2016 by


If you are serious about starting an online store, then these 5 tips will help you, think of them as a checklist you should be able to pass easily and know the reason why you will succeed.  If you can’t pass this checklist easily, then you have to rethink your business plan and if you are truly ready to start an online store yet.

  1. Do you absolutely know the product(s) you are going to sell?  You have to know the product and related products you are going to sell in your niche market, know your competitors, know the CEO’s of those companies, and decide now if you plan to become a market leader or not, and what it may take to get there.  This is where you must think as big as you can, regionally, nationally, globally!
  2. Is it your own product or not?  If it’s your own product or you have a good  vendor that is great.  If you are an affiliate or drop shipping that is not as good typically.
  3. No mall websites!   If you are a beginner entrepreneur and want to start a mall type of website like Walmart or Amazon or eBay, with tons of categories and products, we advise you to stop now; this concept is difficult even with a huge budget behind it.
  4. Can you afford to do it yourself?  Yes, the question is can you afford to, because doing it yourself while it may seem free, actually may cost you the precious time you need to get started right away by going forward with a weak website with poor design and content.   Can you afford to have a designer do it at the cost of a few thousand dollars?  If so, then do it as that what it takes to be a market leader.  Otherwise, choose Earth Skater as the budget solution where we handle the online store setup for you at no charge as part of our complimentary setup service.
  5. Can you afford to market it or can you learn to market it?  If you can afford to market it and advertise with a budget that makes sense for your business, then you must start experimenting with your propaganda/message immediately, don’t make any long term commitments, and find the best team to work with.  Either way, or if budget is a concern, you must to learn to market and advertise your business because you are the business owner, you know your business the best.  Social media and blogging are the avenues you must follow in today’s market.

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Earth Skater specializes in setting up online stores for small business owners with our amazing and complimentary website setup and transfer.  We’ve helped hundreds of merchants make an easy transition to a flexible and full featured website and online store platform.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

June 27th, 2016 by

Let’s start with the basics.  What do people look for when they visit a website? If your website is too bland and filled with details which will take too much time to read, your visitor may quickly close the browser tab and move on to the next website.  This may be the case when the website design is not attractive, doesn’t look like a market leading website, enough to keep your visitors interest. This is a mistake that we at Earth Skater always aim to avoid.

Designing a business website or online store is not such an easy task. When creating an online store website, a good e-commerce webhost helps the website owner understand the available services and gathers information to get the best results for the website.  A company’s website is often the first and only place clients will see and be presented with all the information they need about the business.   You cannot show your customers a webpage that their they will not be interested in. Here, we are going to note down just some of the common mistakes you should avoid if you want to enjoy a successful web design.

·        Incorrect Use of Color

Color is important. Color schemes are generated for a reason and with so many online tools helping you choose the right match for your business, choosing the wrong color can create a very distracting image for the visitors. Not only does the wrong color make your website look unappealing, but it also makes the text unreadable.

·        Content Layout

Haphazardly placing the content on your website prevents the visitors from quickly zeroing in on what they need from your website. Disorganized and messy layouts not only make the visitor believe that you have not put in sufficient time in the designing stage, but it also makes your business look unprofessional, and thus unreliable.

·        Inaccessibility on All Devices

We live in the age of technology, so creating a website which cannot be accessed by all devices, can really hinder the flow of online traffic to your business. When creating a website for a business, you have to think about mobile friendly responsive web design and all the aspects, including a diverse audience, different operating systems and even screen sizes so that the website is properly displayed.

·        Too Long to Load

Too much animation, video, outdated Flash animation, and large image files can add an element of excitement to the site but using them excessively can make the website load slower.  Also, not everyone has Flash or the bandwidth to support it, and that can create a very irritating experience for a customer as the website would take too long to open up, and if it finally does, the customer will not be able to see what the graphics are, because their system does not support flash.

·        Installing Separate Software

No one wants to install a software program just to be able to can use content from your site. Most internet users also block software installations from websites for many reasons, chiefly among them being that they simply do not want to install software from unknown sources. Although many people already have programs such as Acrobat and Flash, asking potential customers to install additional software will only make them open a tab to a different website.

Ask any of the best website design companies in the business and they will give you long lists of even more mistakes which are still being made in web design. With the help of these pointers, you now know that when it comes to creating the best online store software for your business, it is better to know what NOT to do, so that you have an even better chance of creating a successful website.

Consider These Points Before Starting your Website

June 18th, 2016 by

For your business to have the greatest chance of big success, your online store software should feature a top notch design as well as be super user-friendly.  Your online store website needs to be more than just a basic catalog of your products, it needs to compete with your markets leaders in terms of functionality and web design

Here, we are going to give you a few tips which you should consider while creating your online store website.

Domain and Host

A domain is your identity. You can either make it very simple or be creative with it; either way, it has to be something that sticks to memory but is also easily accessible. Take our domain name, Earth Skater. We chose a name which created intrigue for our customers similar to Web Surfer.  When choosing a domain name for your business, remember that it needs to click for your customer so they stay and explore your business.

Minimalist Design

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating your website is overcrowding it.  Messy websites can dilute the value of your call to action message (for example, your buy now button or lead generation form).  With a clean design which not only gives the proper information but also, does not overwhelm the senses, you can give customers a positive user experience and encourage their return.

Colors & Theme

Colors make all the difference in the world. There is a reason why many popular websites use specific shades of blue, and that is because blue has a calming and comforting influence for the user, and thus, the user of the website feels more attracted towards the site. Color schemes are influenced by many factors such as the target audience, brand logo, company’s message and chosen scheme. So if you want to create a successful website, then taking time out for some color based research can make a big difference in how visitors perceive your website.

Easy Access

If the customer finds the website difficult to navigate through, then they will leave. Along with keeping a minimalistic design, if you want to create a positive customer experience, then you need to make sure that your website visitors can access all public areas of the website at will. If the site is user friendly and has a mobile friendly responsive design, then your potential customers will be more likely to venture into the other tabs of your website, and even read the blogs you’ve written to help them out.

Appropriate Loading Time

This is a mistake many web designers make and flaw many online store software’s suffer from. Testing your website can give you a chance to look at some of the issues that may be prevalent on your website.  Page or slideshow slow loading time will only make customers frustrated, so by making sure that everything loads quickly to efficiently service customers.

SSL Security

Customers will not shop on your website if the site does not have security measures like SSL security and/or a name brand merchant account in place.  Customers want and need to be sure their transactions will be safe and secure.  A secure website is a trustworthy website to your customers.

The best online store software comes with real service behind it, Earth Skater uses all these tips and more to its advantage when servicing our clients websites.  We strive to provide customers with services that will ensure success for their businesses.

The Art of Converting Visitors into Loyal Customers

April 8th, 2016 by


Have you ever walked into a shop and grabbed the first item on your list without even looking at it because you know that it’s your go-to item, no matter what? Your complete trust in that product is what makes you a loyal customer. As someone who works in the industry of providing customers with the products and services they need, the first thing you need to understand is the mentality of a basic customer. So why is it that your business hasn’t garnered loyal customer base? Why can’t the product or the business hold on to a visitor?

As we discuss the process of converting visitors into loyal customers, we shall learn some of the strategies which can be used to make sure that these customers stay long term, along with some of the mistakes that should be avoided so that the customers stay connected to the product.

Engaging Web Design

If you do not have a professional web design that boasts your product in a positive way then it won’t matter how good your product is. For example, as one of the best website design companies, we at Earth Skater try to create a versatile web design which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also clean and crisp enough to give the customers all the information they need at first glance.

Reason for Return

If you have an online store setup, then you might notice that many customers leave their shopping carts without purchasing anything. According to fairly recent research, it is found that 37% of customers leave their carts because the product is either too expensive, or they were just browsing. The best way to have a loyal customer base is to give them a reason to actually want to come back. Study the numbers you get from your own economic plan and try to give customers near to what they need so that they are more tempted to return.

Building a Connection

Studies show that only 32% of customers place more orders in their first year as a customer, and most do not even visit again. The reason behind this is because they do not maintain a connection with the company. If a customer signs on to a website, they supply their name, contact information, their likes and interests and what they’d like to see. Using this information to send them important news such as new arrivals or deals can give the customer a chance to come back and buy a product that sparks their interest, thus creating a connection between them and the company. Also, if a customer asks something, give prompt feedback so that they know that you value their opinions and questions.


One strategy which cinches the deal is that of giving the customer something extra. Everyone likes gifts and rewards, and if you want a customer to have a long term relation with your company then you need to give them a reason to opt for the membership. Movie tickets, coupons, free samples or latest releases of products are just some of the deals that would surely cinch a loyal customer membership.

The whole package needs to be proper if you want to convert visitors into loyal customers, and by using these strategies, you will find that the customer will actually bring in more revenue and new customers with them if you value their importance in the first place.

Common SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Business

March 4th, 2016 by

SEO is the key to creating steady traffic to your website.  Some people call this free traffic, but the fact is those days are over, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort or 3rd party marketing services to achieve organic results in today’s market.

Search engines aka Google are a very lucrative way to gain traffic to your online business.  Advertising gets you instant traffic, but SEO gets you organic traffic if done consistently over an on-going period of time.  If done erratically, SEO can actually ruin traffic for your website due to too many changes being made and your site losing ranking when statistics inevitably get reset.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the most common SEO mistakes which you avoid to at least have a chance at being successful on the web.

·        Too Many Keywords

In the old days, ten years ago, companies could stuff their webpage content with keywords and rank well on numerous search engines, but with such search engines becoming smarter when spotting proper web pages, those days are over.  Although keywords are still required, using them in the natural flow of a sentence rather than forcefully placing them in between words works much better today.

·        Lack of Keyword Research

For customers to understand the purpose of your website, keywords need to be relevant to your business.  Web page titles and Meta descriptions should contain the appropriate keywords that can improve your site ranking in the search results.  You must do your research on the keywords market leaders user and place them sparingly in your web page content while creating lots of content that uses those keywords.

·        Copying Content

Copying has always been a no-no since the days of elementary school.  Imagine going on Google to search for your own website and typing a topic and suddenly instead of just one link you get several with the same title and the same description from different websites. The content of your website needs to rank better on search engines, but with duplicate content, you’ll never get there. Not to mention trademark and copyright complaints you’ll receive.

·        Slow Updates

Take our website, for instance.  At Earth Skater we create modern websites for our clients and they are able to update the content regularly on their own.  The websites are not only up-to-date but are also designed to feature the information that customers need.

Along with the best web design, something similar to the market leaders, your website needs to introduce new content on the regular.  Your customers know what’s up and are keeping an eye on the activities of your business and they want to work with fresh active organizations.

Now that you know some of the common SEO mistakes which could hinder your website, contact Earth Skater, one of the best website design companies around for help in the development of your online store.

HOW TO Engage Your Business Community

September 4th, 2015 by

1. Build a community around your audience

You can not force a community to coalesce, therefore you must let it happen naturally.  The first step is to find fans on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  For example, if you’re finding more people are tweeting about your brand than posting about it on Facebook, focus on developing your community on Twitter.  Your audience will be more willing to join your community when it fits easily into their lives and schedule.

2. Get your audience involved

Community is all about sharing stories, and chances are your followers are already doing just that. Join the conversation and encourage your followers to share their experiences with your brand and give their feedback. Try running contests and ask questions to get more people involved. For every positive review or response you get, don’t forget to say how much you appreciate it with a simple “thank you.” This small gesture goes a long way in promoting a positive brand reputation.

6 Ways to Get More Followers for Your Business

August 3rd, 2015 by

1. Stick To A Theme

Choosing a theme and sticking to it is one way to make your Social Media accounts a success. Brainstorm a few ideas by first thinking about what attracts your current customers and what you’d like to achieve next. For example, if you’re a restaurant hoping to get more patrons in the door, feature behind-the-scenes posts of your chefs in action or give sneak peeks of new menu specials.

2. Keep a Posting Schedule

By pushing out new visual content each day or at least each week, or even each month (but you have to do more), you’ll not only increase your chances of getting noticed, but followers will start to truly “follow” your posts as well.  According to research conducted by Latergramme, the best times to post for the most engagement are 2 AM and 5 PM EST.  While others say it’s 8ish AM and 8ish PM.  You will have to experiment for yourself to see what works best for your audience.

3. Mix It Up

Stick with your business related theme, but come out of your shell because on social media boring does not sell.  Mix up your social feed with varying angles, backgrounds and moods.  If you’re bored by your own gallery of widget portraits, chances are your followers are too.  If you are a pet adoption center, get your animals in action by posting videos of them interacting with visitors or playing outside.

4. Motivate With Messages

Remember, Instagram is all about storytelling. You have to include a description to give your picture background. Tying motivational or inspirational messages to posts is an extremely successful posting method, especially if your theme or brand revolves around personal improvement. Check out Nike account for some great examples.

5. Stick to a Few, Simple Hashtags

Hashtags are a simple way to connect your post to a larger theme or global project. But be careful of spamming followers with too many common hashtags like #tbt or #love. You can easily lose more followers than you gain depending on how you utilize hashtags to boost your post visibility.

6. Follow Others and Like Often

Like the relevant content that similar accounts or brands are posting. Follow those who inspire you. Look at the “suggested users” list to find more accounts to follow.  An easy way to find new followers is to add your Facebook friends’ accounts – these users will almost immediately add you back if you follow them first.

* This blog post is based on content which first appeared in a newsletter by a very prominent social media marketing firm.

Why Small Businesses Must Take SEO Seriously

July 27th, 2015 by

Some of the best things small business owners can do for their company is focusing on Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engine Optimization has grown in popularity as online presence and visibility continue to grow in importance. Regardless of how small or big a company is, everyone is fiercely competing to obtain a first page rank at the top of search engine results.  It’s the first page that matters, nothing else!

Where you may have been on the first page for many keywords years ago, today, the competition has consolidated in many markets driving the small business owner off the first page and often past the second page and further.  The best remedy is a paid advertising campaign combined with SEO to get back on page 1.

No wonder mega companies like Wal-Mart and Home Depot manage to obtain top ranks in Google’s search results – millions of inbound links, bulk of content and a recurring base of online visitors. If you are wondering how a small business with a limited experience can counteract market leaders and competition of this level, then read below to find out about the miraculous benefits of SEO:

A User-Friendly Website

Many of you might not be aware of this but SEO helps create a faster, better and a more user-friendly website. Search Engine Optimization is not just for search engines but the spotlight is on the end user. If you make your users happy and content, then the probability of your appearance on the top of search results stands high. All in all, to enhance the user experience and draw in short and long term benefits, SEO is an essential tool.

Help the Business to Grow

Every business is established with a vision to grow and flourish. The purpose of SEO is to gain high rankings in search engine results, which further translates into greater targeted visits and ultimately leading to a broadened customer base.  Making sure the content on your sales pages is short and to the point and that you are using social media are all low cost and effective actions you can take today.

Helps To Create Brand Awareness

One of the hidden advantages of SEO is that it indirectly creates brand awareness for lesser known businesses. A common notion is that customers tend to trust brands that appear higher in the search results rather than brands that don’t have a regularly updated web and social presence. Small businesses that are seeking effective ways of creating brand awareness must invest in SEO to obtain top positions for the terms related to their business. In this digital age, search engines play a crucial role in building or destroying a brand image.

At Earth Skater, we provide our clients with an opportunity to market their newly set up online stores via Search Engine Optimization which is a part of our marketing and advertising services. Furthermore, we offer Landing Page Optimization, Social Media Accounts setup, Pay per Click Advertising setup and more. If you are interested to set up an online store affordably, then Earth Skater could be your ultimate online store builder.