User & Traffic Analysis

User & Traffic Analysis

By collecting, measuring, and analyzing the data of your website, we at are able to optimize your website's usability. We use this information to measure traffic on your website, which is used to do market research to improve ROI and results. This review can determine the type of traffic you are getting and the websites performance.

We can evaluate any website and help create a revenue generating funnel. We provide our clients with surveys, research and studies to complement click overlay analysis. We are familiar with most web analytics platforms and can integrate them to help facilitate easy reporting and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking.

Our consulting team measures, collects and analyzes internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing website usage. We help firms increase traffic by measuring traffic sources and keywords to determine the effectiveness of their overall internet marketing campaign. We collect data and inform companies that wish to identify new sources of internet traffic and sales. works with small firms, large enterprises, brands and marketers to calculate how new internet consumers can find their products and services. We help our clients increase revenue using cutting edge statistical analysis specifically tailored towards identifying trends on the internet.

Services Features:

  • Helps to optimize website usage
  • Measure user traffic
  • Can improve website effectiveness
  • Determine type of traffic
  • Measure website performance

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