Facebook Apps

Facebook Apps

Facebook is now one of the top ways for businesses to interact with consumers. It allows you to integrate your brand into users' social networking experience with the functionality you need mixed with the interactivity users crave.

EarthSkater.com is an expert in Facebook applications, design & development. We have the passion for new ideas, meticulous details, and an exceptional approach to developing world-class interactive experiences. With our team of experts, we help you develop the look and function of your live app so you know exactly what to expect once it's launched.

Maximize your social media presence with custom designs that reinforce your brand identity. From highly robust apps and games for startups and more functional services across iPhone, iPad, Android and the web.

Features included:

  • Custom designed Facebook pages
  • Expand your businesses networking
  • Facebook page functionality
  • Interactivity with users
  • Allows focus on target demographics
  • Collection of data for clients and staff

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