Setting Up PayPal Standard


Creating a Security Key

Security Key

The security key is used to add a digital signature to every transaction that is sent to CyberSource from your MonsterCommerce store.

  1. Log in to the Business Center at
  2. Click "Settings" in the top navigation bar. The Account Information page will be displayed.
  3. In the Process Payment Transactions section, select “Web Services API (WSAPI)” from the pull - down menu. See figure 1.1
  4. In the Shopping Cart section, select “Other.”
  5. Click "Security Keys" in the left navigation pane. See figure 1.2
  6. Enter your password in the field provided. If you enter an incorrect password, an error message appears when you click “Generate New Key”.

    Note: When you generate a new security key, your existing security key is deactivated, and you can no longer process orders through CyberSource. Be sure to complete your new security key installation.

  7. Click “Generate New Key”. The Security Key Management page appears in the background. See figure 1.3
  8. To continue, click “OK”
  9. To continue, click “Yes”
  10. To accept the certificate, click “Yes” or “Always”
  11. When you are ready to generate a new key, click “Generate Certificate Request”. While the key is being created, a progress message will appear in the message box.
  12. To accept the certificate, click “Yes” or “Always” See figure 1.4

    Note: Your browser will open its Save As box. Choose a safe location for your key. For example, save the key to your My Documents folder.

  13. The default name for your key is username.p12
  14. The last line in the Message box shows you when the process is complete. A new key is stored in the location that you indicated.
  15. To verify that your new security appears on the web page, click Security Keys in the left navigation bar. The serial number and expiration date of your new security key is shown.

    Note: This is the same window from which you create a new key

  16. To get your MonsterCommerce store and CyberSource “connected,” you will need to save the file that you just downloaded to your computer (the security key) and upload this file to your MC store.
  17. To upload the file to your store, go to Order Processing >> Online Payment Manager. Select CyberSource from the Gateway Options drop down menu and click the Edit button. Click the Browse button under the Upload Your .p12 File Here section. Select your file, click open, then click the Upload button in your Admin Panel.
Account Info
Figure 1.1 - Account Information Page

Enter Your Password
Figure 1.2 - Enter your password on the Security Key page

Security Key Management
Figure 1.3 - Security Key Management Page

Click Yes
Figure 1.4 - Click “Yes” to accept the certificate