Setting Up PayPal Pro


Take advantage with Earth Skater and PayPal.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Step 1: Setup PayPal API Access

First-party authentication: Download API certificate
1.   Log in to your PayPal account and click the Profile subtab.
2.   Click the API Access link under the Account Information column.
3.   Click the Request API Credential link.
4.   Select the type of credential as Request API Certificate.
5.   Click Download Certificate on the Download or Remove API Certificate page. You will be prompted to download a file called cert_key_pem.txt. This file is your API Certificate. Be sure to email the certificate to your Earth Skater account manager.

Step 2: Configure your eCommerce Store for PayPal Express Checkout

1.   Log in to your website eCommerce Administration account and click the Tools & Settings link at the top right of the page.
2.   Click the Store Options Link and then click the Payment Options Link.
3.   Select your preferred method for processing payments and then check the PayPal Express Checkout check box to enable Express Checkout.
4.   Click Save Changes.
5.   Now enter your PayPal API Username, API Password, Certificate file name, and Authentication method.
6.   Click Save Changes to complete setup.

Express Checkout Information

How It Works
1. After selecting products to purchase, your customers click Checkout with PayPal on your website.
2. They’re transferred to PayPal, where they select their payment method, as well as the correct shipping and billing address, then are returned to your website to complete their purchase.
3. PayPal automatically gives you the shipping address, email, and other customer information needed to fulfill your order.

With Express Checkout, your buyers finish their orders on your website, not PayPal's, so you can:
Get real time notification of successful payments.
Automate your internal business processes.
Ensure buyers make it to your final confirmation page.
Be notified that the buyer's address is confirmed, and ensure you're eligible for coverage under PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy.

FYI: Details of Instant Payment Notification (IPN) / Payment Data Transfer (PDT)

IPN / PDT must be enabled in your PayPal account to use PayPal Pay Professional.

1. Log in to your PayPal account at

2. Click the Profile subtab.

3. Click the Instant Payment Notification Preferences link under the Selling Preferences column on the right.

3. Enter a URL for IPN to return orders to.  This URL must be (or http:// link if SSL is not installed).

Once activated, IPN will allow PayPal to communicate order details back to your shopping cart system.

Pay Pal Pro Express Checkout

Download and Generate PayPal Certificate

Log in to PayPal.
 Navigate to My Account>Profile.
 Click the API Access link.
 Click the API Certificate Request link.
 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your certificate request.
 Click Download at the lower right.
 Save the file to your local disk.
 Email the file to Earth Skater.

We will then:
 Convert certificate to P12 format. When initially downloaded, the certificate is in PEM format.
 Use openssl to convert the PayPal certificate to P12 format:

1. Use openssl to convert the downloaded PayPal certificate (PEM) to the P12 format:
openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey cert_key_pem.txt -in cert_key_pem.txt -out mycert.p12

2. Install the certificate into the Microsoft system store and grant access permission to the private key:
WinHttpCertCfg -i mycert.p12 -p <Export Password> -c LOCAL_MACHINE\My -a <USER NAME>
where <USER NAME> is Windows IIS 6 (default configuration): "NETWORK SERVICE"

NOTE: PayPal returns a contact telephone number only if your Merchant account profile settings require that the buyer enter one.  If you require a phone number to checkout, please choose Contact Telephone number required in your PayPal Merchant account profile.