Setting Up UPS with Earth eCommerce

STEP 1:  Get your UPS Online Account details
  1. Sign up for a free UPS online tools account at
    (Click Accept at the bottom of the page)
  2. After you register, click this link:
    (On the right, click re-send developers key and login to follow the process.)
    * The type of service and key required are: Rate & Service Selection XML Key
    If that doesn't work. Click the link up top again and at the bottom of the page click where it says "Don't have a Developer's Key?" Click Please Register.
    You may need to do this step in order to register for the online tools if not already done.
  3. Copy / write down your UPS Developer Key as you will need this to get the UPS Access Key
  4. Get the UPS Access Key by following the directions provided with the Developer Key
STEP 2:  Login to your website store administration
After you login > Go to Tools & Settings (at the top right)
  1. Click Store Settings
  2. Click on Shipping Options
  3. Check the option for UPS Real-time shipping
  4. Click the Save Settings button
  5. Update your shipping Insurance Surcharge and Alternate Shipping Threshold settings as needed
  6. Now enter your Shipping from ZIP code, UPS access key, UPS user name, and UPS password
  7. Update your UPS Customer Classification, Service Type, Pickup Type as needed (these settings will effect the shipping costs up or down)
  8. Click the Save Changes button
  9. (* Remember you must enter a weight in pounds for each product in order to use UPS shipping.  Use 0 for the weight if you would like free shipping on an item)

That's it!  Now you can test your UPS shipping system by going to your store as a customer and adding an item to your shopping cart and entering your ZIP code to get the correct shipping cost from UPS.


For assistance please call support @ 561-210-5587.