Earth Skater Manual

  • Dashboard

    Track your orders, revenue history, customers through your store's dashboard.

  • Orders

    View order details, capture payments, fulfill orders, send tracking numbers, generate shipping labels.

  • Customers

    View and edit customer information, register new members, and manage customer levels, more.

  • Coupons

    Create coupons, offer automatic discounts, discounts on categories and products, and more.

  • Items / Products

    Create products, edit product information, product options, photos, prices, descriptions, and more.

  • Categories

    Create categories and sub-categories to organize your website easily.

  • Reports

    See reports on your orders, product inventory, coupons, and export order and shipping reports.

  • Gift Certificates / Gift Cards

    Create and sell personalized gift certificates in the amounts you specify on your online store.

  • Website Settings

    Setup your website settings, online store name, and other vital information to running your online store.

  • Payment Options

    Choose your payment gateway or multiple payment gateways and setup and configure options.

  • Checkout

    Configure the checkout process for your online store.

  • Shipping

    Choose your shipping provider and setup and configure options like

  • Taxes

    Edit the tax rate and locations your online store will charge tax on.

  • Notifications

    Enter email addresses that notifications will go to when you get a new order or contact email.

  • Domain Names

    Buy a domain name or set up your own custom domain name with Earth Skater.

  • Blog posts

    Market your business and drive traffic to your website through your website blog.

  • Content Pages

    Create informational pages that tell your customers about your business, your brand, your staff, services, policies, and your online store.

  • Navigation Menus

    Easily create and edit all of your website navigation menus making it easy for customers to navigate.

  • Design / Themes

    Easy to switch between installed design themes with one click. Purchase or install a custom web design.