Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways to reach customers
  • Consumers must trust your brand
  • Your social media is the first place customers look
  • Design your social profiles to match your brand
  • Share regular updates, blog posts, news, and specials

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Your Brand on Social Media

Why your business needs to be on social media

Social Media Users

About 79% of the 4.021 billion people on the Internet are also on social media.


Customers Follow

95% of online adults, 18-34, are most likely to follow a brand via social media.


Helps Buying Process

75% of customers say they use social media as part of their buying process.


Social Discovery

55% of people become customers and purchase after social media discovery.

Social Media Promotion

Your Earth Skater social media manager creates regular scheduled posts for your social media accounts to build brand awareness and grow your following.
Social Media Management
Social Media Management
Your Earth Skater social media manager works with you to interact and reply to followers and like, share, follow relevant accounts to establish your brand on social media.

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