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Website Owner's Manual

Learn about all of the features of your Earth Skater business website, online store, blog, and more.

Changing Your Password

  • Log in to your online store administration.
  • After you login, click on Members, and then click on View Admin Accounts
  • Click on the Admin Account link on the page to edit the admin account username/password.
  • Enter your new username (can be your email address or any other username)
  • Enter your new password
  • Click Save Changes to finish.

Update DNS Information

  • Login to GoDaddy / your domain provider.
  • Click on domain you want to update.
  • Click Settings, Domain Settings, or Manage DNS for the domain.
  • Under Nameservers click Change or Edit DNS.
    (GoDaddy: Under Choose your new nameserver type, select Custom)
  • Enter DNS Server 1: DNS1.EARTHSKATER.COM
    Enter DNS Server 2: DNS2.EARTHSKATER.COM
  • Allow a few minutes to 24 hours to update.

Update Billing Information

  • Login to your Web hosting control panel account to update your billing information.
  • You may also update your billing information securely using:
  • Enter your billing information and click to continue.
  • Allow a few minutes to 24 hours for changes to save.

Support Request

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