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Joray Candy Delivers Deliciousness with Earth Skater eCommerce

The company behind the world's most beloved and yummy fruit rolls!

How we helped Joray Candy

  • Full Service Support

    Earth Skater has supported Joray Candy's online eCommerce sales for over 10 years.

  • Custom Design

    Custom web design allowed for a unique presentation without complicating the checkout process.

  • Customer Interactivity

    Customers can now share their childhood and lifelong memories of eating yummy Joray fruit rolls.

"Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to supporting our company! We appreciate everyone at Earth Skater and the work they do!"

Joseph Shalhoub


Brews Up Keeps Brewing with Earth Skater Support

On premise beer and wine shop specializing in wine making parties and home brewing supplies.

How we helped Brews Up

  • Site Transfer

    Brews Up needed help switching from their old website and eCommerce platform and we handled the entire transfer with our complimentary setup service.
  • Quality Control

    Together with the owner, we went over every product, every page, and every category to make sure the site was up to the quality a market leading business demands.
  • Gift Certificates

    Now clients can easily buy gift certificates and have them delivered digitally to their friends and family Online.
"Thank you for your amazing setup service! I'm so glad to be done with my old web hosting company. I plan to be an Earth Skater customer for a long time!"

Tony Hilligoss

Chef & CEO

Your Life's Path Becomes Market Leader with Earth Skater Development

Consulting firm specializing in DiSC and Myers-Briggs personality assessments.

"Your customer service is responsive, friendly and very professional. You have a "can-do" attitude and are willing to go the extra mile to take care of the customer. I cannot thank you enough!"

Diane Ewing


How we helped Your Life's Path

  • Long Term Growth

    Earth Skater has grown with Your Life's Path over a 10+ year relationship.

  • Custom Web Development

    Custom web development and programming has allowed for a unique checkout process almost fully automating business processes.

  • Customer Experience

    Digital tests are instantly available to download upon purchase.

RN.ORG Scales Rapidly with Earth Skater Programming

An educational provider of Online tests for medical professionals.

"You are a pleasure to work with and are very innovative to your approaches. Having you (instead of me having to figure things out) has made my life easier. While I sill reference the PHP books (basically I want to learn) it is great to have someone I trust and can work with."

Larry Snyder

Founder and CEO

How we helped RN.ORG

  • Custom Programming

    Earth Skater's programming team was able to scale and optimize the business with no problem and lower overall cost.
  • Quick Setup

    RN.ORG services hundreds of test takers daily and needed to transition from their old solution to the new with flying colors.
  • Easy Administration

    The owner of the business is primarily responsible for managing the entire eCommerce solution with Earth Skater support always close by.

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I asked my Paypal account manager who she recommended to build a website and utilize their PayPal express checkout feature.  She sent me a list of approved vendors and Earth Skater was near the top.  I decided to go with Earth Skater and received what I was looking for and so much more.  The customer service that they provide is like nothing I have ever experienced.
Jay D.
President, Orlando Ticket Club
I was brand new to internet commerce and Sean walked me through the initial setup and design of my website and had some great suggestions on how to make it better and get better traffic.  He seems to always have the time to speak with me when I have questions or concerns, and is very professional in handling any situation that arises in my business.  Service is great!
Craig Keenon
President, Bar-ricade

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