How we helped

  • Custom Programming

    Earth Skater's programming team was able to scale and optimize the business with no problem and lower overall cost.

  • Quick Setup

    RN.ORG services hundreds of test takers daily and needed to transition from their old solution to the new with flying colors.

  • Easy Administration

    The owner of the business is primarily responsible for managing the entire eCommerce solution with Earth Skater support always close by.

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RN.ORG Scales Rapidly with Earth Skater Programming

An educational provider of Online tests for medical professionals

You are a pleasure to work with and are very innovative to your approaches. Having you (instead of me having to figure things out) has made my life easier. While I sill reference the PHP books (basically I want to learn) it is great to have someone I trust and can work with.
Larry Snyder
Larry Snyder
Founder & CEO, RN.org