Setting Up FirstData

Setting Up First Data Global Gateway GGe4 with Earth eCommerce

STEP 1:  Get your First Data Gateway ID and Transaction Key
  1. Login to your First Data Global Gateway GGe4 control panel at 
  2. Click on the TERMINALS link on the right  menu
  3. Click on the Terminal that has the gateway ID listed
  4. You will see the Gateway ID
  5. Copy / write down your ID
  6. You will see the Password
  7. Click the link to Generate a new Password
  8. Copy / write down your Password
  9. Click the UPDATE button to save the changes
STEP 2:  Login to your website store administration
After you login > Go to Tools & Settings (at the top right)
  1. Click Store Settings
  2. Click on Payment Options
  3. Check the option for First Data
  4. (* You may now also enter your PayPal business email address and check the PayPal Credit Card Accepted option to accept PayPal as well – see PayPal instructions below)
  5. Click the Save Settings button
  6. Now enter your First Data Gateway ID and Password
  7. Click the Save Changes button

That’s it!  Now you can test your merchant account by making a payment through your website (try setting a product price to $1.00 and doing a test).  You can then login to First Data to view your Unsettled Transactions and void the transaction.

* PayPal Instructions – You will need to enter the PayPal Identity Token as well as your PayPal business email address in order to accept PayPal in addition to credit cards via First Data.  Login to your PayPal account and go to the Profile link and then click the Website Payments Standard link and copy down your Identity Token.