Creating/Updating Product Options

Creating Product Options
Like Color, Size, Style, etc.

Please log in to your Store Administration to follow along with this tutorial.

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STEP 1:  After you log in.

Add your first product option – Click the Items menu link
  • Click on the name of the product you want to add a new option for
  • For example; click your product named Bar Of Soap

To add an option, scroll down until you see Option 1 on the left side of the product details page:

  • Click on the Create Option button
  • * After you create your product option, this button will change to Modify Option for you to edit the option in the future.

The Product Option Editor popup window will appear for you to create your option:

  • Enter the Title of your option, example: Color

Now create the different values for your option, example: Blue / Red / Green / Yellow …etc

  1. Enter the first Value for your option, example: Blue
  2. Click the Add button to add the Blue option value to the option values list

Repeat steps 1&2 to add the rest of option values for Red, Green, Yellow, …etc.

  • When you are done adding your item options, click the Save Option button
  • The Product Option Editor popup window will close
  • Finally, click the Save Changes button on the product details page to save your product option

You will now have a new option drop-down box in your store for this product.