Setting Up USPS

Setting Up USPS with Earth eCommerce

STEP 1:  Get your USPS Web Tools Account details
  1. Sign up for a free USPS online tools account at 
  2. Enter the required information and your website address like
  3. After you register you will be emailed your USPS user ID
  4. At this point, USPS wants you to test your website connection against their test system
STEP 2:  Login to your website store administration
After you login > Go to Tools & Settings (at the top right)
  1. Click Store Settings
  2. Click on Shipping Options
  3. Check the option for USPS Real-time shipping
  4. Click the Save Settings button
  5. Now enter your Shipping from ZIP code and USPS user ID
  6. Update your USPS Service Type, Container Type, and First Class mail type (these settings will effect the shipping costs up or down)
  7. Click the Save Changes button
  8. (* Remember you must enter a weight in pounds for each product in order to use USPS shipping.  Use 0 for the weight if you would like free shipping on an item)
STEP 3:  Test USPS  (*We handle this for our Earth Skater customers)
  1. View your new website, click to add any product to your shopping cart, enter your ZIP code, click OK.
  2. You should receive a shipping error message from USPS
  3. Now finally email the USPS Internet Customer Care Center (ICCC).

    Tell them to switch your profile to allow access to the production server.
    * The reason for this step is because USPS must enable your access to use the system

    The ICCC is staffed from 7:00AM to 11:00PM Eastern Time.
    Telephone: 1-800-344-7779

That’s it!  Now you can test your USPS shipping system by going to your store as a customer and adding an item to your shopping cart and entering your ZIP code to get the correct shipping cost from USPS.