Bulk Updating Product Information

Mass Product Update – Update Product Info. / Prices in Bulk

Please log in to your Store Administration to follow along with this tutorial.

Option 1:  Use the BULK UPDATE feature

Updating Products / Pricing in Bulk

Updating items in bulk using Bulk Update feature

  • Click the Item Management link
  • Click Bulk Update
  • Choose the settings accordingly and continue to update your online store products in bulk

Option 2:  Use the BULK EXPORT / IMPORT feature

Exporting Items and Importing Items

Another way to update your products in bulk is to use the product export feature

  • Click Item Management
  • Click Bulk Export
  • Export to earth skater CSV format
  • Open the exported file with spreadsheet software like excel
  • Change the prices and/or product information accordingly, and then continue to upload and import your updated product file
  • Return to the online store admin and click Item Management again
  • Click Bulk Import this time
  • Choose to Overwrite existing items and upload the CSV file
  • Finally click import to finish
* The export/import solution is a little more advanced. Please backup your DB before doing this Admin > Item Management > Backup / Export DB