Content Pages

Content Pages


Earth Skater online stores come with a web page creation tool (content manager). Your Earth Skater store comes with multiple pages already created for you and accessible through the Content Manager link in your administration. From the Content Manger > View Content Pages link you can:

  • Add a page to your store
  • Edit a page by clicking on the page’s name
  • Filter pages by visibility (hidden or visible)
  • Bulk publish or unpublish pages using the Bulk actions menu
  • Perform Bulk actions to manage your Pages.

Blog vs. page: which should I choose?

While both blogs and pages are great ways to add relevant content to your website, they each serve a specific purpose: Pages are meant to be used for static content. They’re great for adding “About us” sections, Terms of Service policies, shipping and refund information, etc. Choose to add a page if the content is vital information you need to easily communicate to your customers. Blogs are great for content that you’ll be updating regularly. They’re also best if you want to encourage feedback on an article, because people can post comments on your blog posts. Choose to post on your store’s blog if you’re looking to create discussion and build a community around your products and your brand.