Access your website using FrontPage

Install FrontPage extensions through your website control panel:

  1. Login to your website control panel with your username and password.
  2. Click on the Domains icon
  3. Click on the domain name you wish to use FrontPage with
  4. Click on the FrontPage icon
  5. Click the Install button to install FrontPage extensions on your website
    * Note: If FrontPage is already installed you can click Remove to un-install FrontPage extensions
    * Note: You can only use either FrontPage or FTP access to edit your website.  You can not use both methods at the same time.
  6. Please be patient while the installation completes, then make note of your FrontPage user name as it appears
  7. You may now change your FrontPage password if you wish.  It is set to the control panel password by default.

You may now login to your website using FrontPage.

For assistance please call support @ 561-210-5587.